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Managing Physician Offices and Billing Services since 1981


HorizonMIS™ provides an effective and efficient Medical Office Workflow Computer System Environment.


Let us show you how easy and affordable a switch to HorizonMIS™ can be!



THEOS® Workstation





HorizonMIS™ Integrated eMail and Texting (eMT)


Reduce Patient Statements Expenses by ⅓ or MORE!  Dramatically Increase Patient Payments while reducing Office Costs!



Send Patient Statements via eMail!  Patients with a qualified mobile phone also receive a text message simultaneously!



$.50 per Patient eMail Statement—If the patient doesn't respond, up to two additional or "Repeat" eMail Patient Statements are FREE!  That's six contacts for a flat rate of $.50!



Fully Integrated with HorizonMIS™.



No HIPAA worries—PHI is removed.



eMail and Texting—Patient Receipts.



Integrated eMail and Texting Patients


bulletMore and more patients use eMail and Texting.


bulletPatients expect it and appreciate the convenience!


bulletMany uses—Limited only by your imagination.  What's not to like?


Ø Patient Appointment Reminders

Ø Insurance Billing Notifications

Ø Other Notifications—Using Built-In Templates

Ø Define your own Templates


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Web-Based Medical Billing and Practice Management Solution for Medical Practices and Medical Billing Service Companies serious about their financial success!




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  Free Interface with Sevocity® EHR. 


  ESTHER "Artificial Intelligence"

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.



  ELectronic Payment Processing System

Reduce your Credit Card Processing Fees!



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