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Managing Physician Offices and Billing Services since 1981


HorizonMIS™ provides an effective and efficient Medical Office Workflow Computer System Environment.


Let us show you how easy and affordable a switch to HorizonMIS™ can be!



THEOS® Workstation





Web Based HorizonMIS™ for Medical Billing  Service Companies



Cloud Subscription Service for Medical Billing Companies.


Ø ERA with Auto-Posting

Ø Electronic Claims Submission

Ø Electronic Patient Statements

Ø EHR HL7 Standard Interface (FREE with Sevocity® EHR)

Ø Patient Eligibility Checking (Automated and On-The-Fly)

Ø Electronic Payment Processing System —Credit Card, eChecks and ACH

Ø Integrated eMail and Texting—Patient Statements and Notices

Ø ESTHER is cutting-edge "Artificial Intelligence" click here for more info…

Ø Cash-Flow Project Reports "Artificial Intelligence" click here for more info…




Advanced EASY-TO-USE and EASY-TO-TEACH software Proven FOR 30 YEARS!



Scalable for any size operation from a single Physician Provider to multiple Providers with multiple locations.



Medical Billing Service Companies offer our unique "FRONT OFFICE" Package for Medical Practice Management.  "Front Office" is a Value-Added Product you can offer!


Ø Your clients connect to their patient data and perform Non-Billing Functionality

Ø Patient Demographics, Registration, Inquiry and Data Entry

Ø Appointment Scheduling—Automatic Appointment Reminders

Ø Highly Intergrated Patient Eligibility Checking (Automated and On-The-Fly)

Ø Electronic Payment Processing System —Credit Card, eChecks and ACH

Ø Integrated eMail and Texting—Patient Notices



Security:  User ID and Password access controls; Professional Server Maintenance, including Disaster Recovery, security from Windows® viruses; HIPPAA standard encrypted data backups.




Per Practice Per Physician Monthly Fees



$200 1st Physician Provider


$100 Each Additional Physician Provider


$100 Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant



Navicure Clearinghouse



$80 per Provider Per Month —Unlimited Claims, ERA and Patient Eligibility.  (Navicure charges for multiple Providers at 300 claims equals 1 Provider—Many Providers doing low volume claims come out much better).



Pinnacle Data Systems, LLC



Electronic Submission Paper Patient Statements

•  $.71 per Patient Statement

•  No charge for Additional Pages

•  No charge for Excess Data Storage



Integrated eMail and Texting Patient Statements


bulletSend Patient Statements via eMail!  Patients with a qualified mobile phone also receive a text message simutaneously!


bullet$.50 per Patient eMail Statement—If the patient doesn't respond, up to two additional or "Repeat" eMail Patient Statements are FREE!  That's six contacts for a flat rate of $.50!



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  Free Interface with Sevocity® EHR. 


  ESTHER "Artificial Intelligence"

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.



  Electronic Payment Processing System

Reduce your Credit Card Processing Fees!



  Integrated eMail and Texting

Send Patient Statements via eMail!



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